Super-Trades Review: Top Pennystock alerts service

Welcome to an all new website all about Pennystock alert newsletters and learning products! My plan is to review most of the products and services in the pennystocking niche so that you can save your money, time and make the journey to becoming a profitable stock trader as smoothly as possible.

Coming soon: reviews on gurus! I will review a lot of Timothy Sykes stock trading DVDs and post them on this website. SuperTrades chatroom

Super-Trades Alerts on is one of the best stock trading services out there and I will be featuring a lot of information about my previous experiences learning to trade with Superman.

Check out some of Paul Scholardi’s amazing trades recently!! He made $155,000 last week! Here is a full review of his stock picking service:

SuperTrades chatroom

Also, here is the page to see a video of Paul Scholardi (aka Super-Trades) discussing his strategy and you can see the different subscription plans that are available HERE also, from that page you can navigate to his verified chart and see just how much money he has made over the last year or two trading stocks (hint: many millions of dollars!).


Superman Review

Superman is a veteran (15+ years) swing trader who trades mainly low float stocks which have the potential for explosive price moves (hopefully upwards price action!). His focus and genius lies on his ability to find ‘momentum before it happens’. He is one of the highest earning gurus and you can see his verified profits HERE.


SuperTrades is a former CPA. He had a super successful career in corporate America before he became a full time trader and teacher. What is truly amazing about his story is that he managed to learn to stock trade while he was working a high flying full time career as a CPA! This previous experience coupled with his ridiculous work ethic gives him a distinct edge over your average trader. SuperTrades started his career by posting on – a popular message board community where traders share investment ideas. Paul is very famous on, and he is followed by small cap traders who are often told about his trades after he has alerted his subscribers – a bonus for sure if you are a subscriber as the twitter followers often cause a large increase in price!

Superman’s Strengths (not including X-ray vision, ability to fly or laser eyes!)

Finding momentum before it happens: This is truly a talent that has proven extremely profitable for him and now for me!
Focuses on earnings / value plays: Supermans previous experience as a CPA helps him read and decipher SEC filings.
Theme Plays: Super-Trades has an uncanny ability to spot themes before they are themes!
Prefers Low Float Stocks: Huge price moves are possible!
Has been involved in most of the annual monster small cap movers: (examples of these coming later!)

Weaknesses (not including Kryptonite!)

-Posts too much, and tweets too much about stocks he has positions in – Some traders call him a pumper.
-Greed – Doesn’t sell early enough to lock in profits + sets dollar targets e.g. if the stock goes to $2.00 I’l make $20,000 etc
-Large risk tolerance: Although I have made alot of money following SuperTrades alerts, I have also realized that he has a ridiculous tolerance
risk and that I should set my own stop losses and not follow his bold mental stops!

This brings me to a set of points that all new traders signing up for this service should be aware of when trading low float stocks!

– High risk / High Reward – Don’t chase low float stocks
– Illiquid – Take small positions: It can be hard to get in and out of some of his picks for a fair price.
– Don’t Chase: There WILL be other alerts and if you chase you probably WILL get burnt.
– Quality of news is crucial to how the stock reacts and how much price movement you can expect.

SuperTrades and I have both had some HUGE WINS while I have been following his alerts. One I would like to mention was $SPEX last year (Just check out the picture on the right where he made a verified >$400,000).

Click HERE to sign up with SuperTrades and build your wealth!


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